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Tobacco Control Board Members are being acclimatised to their new working environment in order to become as effective as possible in their role in the control of the devastating health, social, and economic effects of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke on individuals and families. The Tobacco Control Board,...
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Preliminary findings of a study being conducted by the Kenya Tobacco Board on the use of tobacco and its products in four counties have shown that tobacco use among the youth in higher learning institutions is higher than in any age group. This threatens to claw back on the achievements...
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The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Tobacco Control Board is sensitizing stakeholders and the public on the dangers of tobacco and new emerging tobacco products. The nationwide awareness sensitization exercise is part of the Pre-World No Tobacco Day which is commemorated on 31st May every year and is...
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The Kenya Tobacco Control Board (TCB) has rolled out a comprehensive nationwide education and information campaign aimed at sensitizing the public to health hazards posed by exposure and consumption of tobacco. The program promotes public awareness and is one of the key mandates of TCB. It focuses on community workers,...
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